Cognitive behavioral therapy description

This therapy is useful to address a number of issues including: depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug use problems, marital problems, and eating disorders to name a few. This therapy has a number of research studies showing effectiveness in helping you to improve quality of life and impairment functioning. 

CBT is based on the following basic principles

  1. Psychological problems stem from faulty and/or unhelpful thinking patterns.
  2. Psychological problems stem from unhelpful/learned behavior patterns.
  3. Psychological problems can be addressed by learning more effective coping skills which can lessen and/or relieve symptoms affecting daily life.

What you can expect in CBT Therapy Session

  1. Primary focus of CBT is present life. While past history may be needed for assessment purposes a majority of time is spent on your current life issues verses what has lead up to issues. 
  2. Assistance to identify negative thinking patterns present and learn to reframe them to more adaptive/helpful thinking patterns
  3. Gain a better understanding and learn to view others behaviors and a different way
  4. Learn problem-solving skills to cope with difficult situations
  5. Gain and increase self confidence
  6. Learn to identify and face fears rather than avoid
  7. Use of role playing to address various specific situations and or issues you may be facing
  8. Learn to calm and relax the body and mind
  9. You may be asked to complete various homework assignments in between sessions